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2nd and Main

On the corner of 2nd and Main I wait
I wait for you
You said this is where we will meet
You said you would come for me

I sit on the bench
And watch the people go by
My hair blows in the gentle breeze
I pull the sleeves of my hoodie over my hands

I hug myself and remember last night
The long sleeves and long pants hid my secrets
Last night you asked to see
Last night you accepted me

You saw the secrets
You said you still loved me
You promised to take me away
You promised a bright future

So here I sit
On the corner of 2nd and Main

The hours pass
The sun sets
The people pass
The rain begins to fall

So here I sit
On the corner of 2nd and Main

I wait for you
I wait to start our new life together
I remember last night
I remember how I gave myself to you

You promised a new life
But as I sit
I begin to question
I begin to question the things you said

As the rain falls harder
I stand
I begin to walk
I know where I am going

So no I leave
The corner of 2nd and Main

I walk to the outside of town
I walk to the old bridge
Onto the railing I climb
I remember last night

I remember the things you promised
I remember the way you held me
The sweet things you whispered in my ears
I remember where you said to meet

There I sat
On the corner of 2nd and Main

You never came
So here I stand
I can't accept this pain and rejection
I showed you my secrets

I take one last deep breath
My body shakes
My heart races
I take the step

There I sat
On the corner of 2nd and Main

You never came
The reason why I will never really know
I though you rejected me
But that wasn't really so

You had been mugged on the way
You lost your life
Over a diamond ring
You promised forever

You meant it
You wanted our future together

There I sat
On the corner of 2nd and Main

Two blocks down
You were crying for help
And with your last breath you whispered
I Love You
2nd and Main
Self harm is a serious thing. If someone tells you know that in a way you are special to them. So people will not accept you for it, and I think that is horrible. If you do harm yourself just know that someone loves you no matter what. Don't give up. 
I sat at the local coffee house and wrote this. It is on the corner of 2nd and Main. 
When his lips touched mine I felt the fire
I was filled with passionate desires

His deep voice purred
His hands grabbed for more

Hips grinded with hips
Teeth bite soft innocent flesh

A sharp intake of breath
A small plea to slow his raging desires

He grinned
I know you want more his deep voice sang

Clothes were pulled away
Cold air chilled the skin

His fire tongue burned me
I screamed in fear

Away I pulled
He laughed but let me go

Young girls shouldn’t play with the desires of passion and fire.
For some they might not let go.
Passion and Fire
Eh...I don't even really want to explain what inspired this...
  • Mood: Miserable
I believe the title of this journal says it all. Life is not easy, it is full of hardships and problems. You think you have the rules down and then the game changes completely (at least this is what I am noticing). I have always tried to keep an optimistic view about everything, but lately it is getting harder! Yes, I understand when people say life is a beautiful struggle, but I mean come on give me a little more beauty and a little less struggle!
Do you ever get that feeling that you really want to talk to someone and then when you try to talk to someone no one wants to answer or talk to you. I have been running into this a lot lately. That is kind of the reason I am typing this now, no one to talk to and I have to vent somewhere or I might explode. Granted that may even happen after this, but at least I tried.
Anyway I have made a list of things that are bugging me:
1. Family. All families have problems!
2. Jobs. If no one will hire me how can I ever get experience!
3. Dating. Yes I am single, and I wish people would stop asking me why! Honestly it is nobody's business, and its just starting to get on my nerves. I try okay!
4. Time. Too much to do and not enough time. Yeah, I accept that I have no control over this really.
5. I just really want someone to talk to sometimes...
You see theses people doing everything by themselves and holding everything in. Others have no idea how hard this is. We look so calm and we never say much, but sometimes we are weak too. Everyone has a breaking point. I think everyone needs someone, no matter what.
If you read this thank you. If not well okay.
Just remember you are beautiful! And Anything Is Possible!


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I lOvE cOfFeE.
I am completely crazy, but a loyal friend.
I am really quiet when I first meet someone, and they will never know why.

"Nor love thy life, nor hate, but what thou liv'st; live well," JM.

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